Current Projects

For all our sectors of interest, we create business to business linkages and help put young, growing and established companies in touch with potential investors and strategic corporate partners. We continually explore and pioneer consultancy services in exciting new areas that are expanding the possibilities of bioscience-based businesses – Blue Growth and Insects as Food and Feed are two examples where BioBridge has helped move innovations forward.

In Blue Growth, Meredith is working for a number of organisations including the European Commission/EUMOFA, the European Market Observatory for Fisheries and Aquaculture, in promoting the Blue Bioeconomy and better uses of aquatic and marine biomass.

BioBridge is also strong in helping natural ingredients find their place in several different sectors including foods, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and industrial biotechnology.

Meredith provides horizon-scanning services for companies whose medical biomaterials come from animal sources, reviewing disease dynamics in the starting species and advising on emerging diseases and their impacts on operator and patient safety.

As part of his horizon-scanning activities, Meredith is a member of the European Food Safety Agency’s Stakeholder Advisory Group on Emerging Risks, covering issues for human and animal health and food.

Recent Projects

He has also contributed in the areas of socioeconomic indicators for assessing the contribution of SMEs and dynamics of marine biotechnology and the potential for better and sustainable use of biomass from the sea. Meredith has advised on the commercialisation potential of research outputs for a South American Centre of Excellence of Biotechnology and Bioengineering and provided mentoring seminars for its students. For a UK University, he provided a market research and entry study for its highly-sensitive and innovative environmental monitoring platform. He advised a company producing novel biomaterials from the sea on biosafety, process security and regulatory strategy. BioBridge Ltd was selected by HealthforAnimals (, the international organisation representing the animal health and veterinary medicines industry, to manage its Global Benchmarking Surveys in 2011 and 2015, leading a team of consultants in China, Brazil, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and the EU, for overview and analysis of the state of innovation, the quality of interactions between the industry and the regulators, and prospects for innovation and regulatory change.

Meredith has provided his reviewing expertise to public agencies in UK, the EU, Scandinavia and Canada, to ensure that their funded projects in innovation maintain high standards and are value-for-money.  He is regarded as expert in many application areas where innovation is active, including bioprocessing, food technology for improved health, genomics, green chemistry, industrial biotechnology, marine bioresource developments and resource valorisation. With a strong focus on biobased industries and biomass utilisation, he has advised young companies in insect production, biopolymers from domestic wastes, biochar, and energy from agricultural wastes.

BioBridge was a partner in the EU-funded project PharmaSea, aimed at increasing value and flow in the marine biodiscovery pipeline, focusing on exploitation strategy, best practice in access and benefit sharing, and dissemination activities. Previously, we managed the EC-funded project CSA MarineBiotech, an ERA-NET preparatory action in marine biotechnology, successfully paving the way for the ERA-MBT and the Blue Bioeconomy ERA-NET CO-FUND programme